How to Install and Configure Hyper-V 3.0 on Windows Server 2012

Hello everyone there, here's a simple step by step for the Hyper-V 3.0 installation process. 

First thing that you have to evaluate is your hardware CPU if it supports virtualization.
This implementation it will be really simple in your infrastructure. 

  1. Go to Server Manager Dashboard

  1. Click on Manage and then click on Add Roles and Features

  1. Now on the Before You Begin click next

  1.  Installation Type select Role-Based or Feature-based installation and click next
  1. On Server Selection, select the server that you want to install the roles and features.

  1. On Server Roles, Select the Hyper-V Role and include the required features and click next.

  1. On Features click next
  1. On Hyper-V click next
  1. On Virtual Switches, select the adapter
  1. On Migration,  Allow this server to send and receive lice migrations of Virtual machines  and the Authentication protocol  select Kerberos

  1. On Default Stores select the locations for the VHD files and click next
    1.  Its recommended change to a Secondary Disk

  1. On Confirmation Select Restart the destination server automatically if required and click on install.

  1. Results

  1. Now you have Hyper-V Installed on your server.

Thanks for watching !