Deploy App-V 5.0 Client Configuration VIA GPO on Windows Server 2012

Deploy App-V 5.0 Client Configuration VIA GPO on Windows Server 2012

Things you should know before begin deploying client:
  • Active Directory Knowledge on OU, Groups and GPO’s.
  • Scripting in Power Shell is a plus.
  • Well understanding when deploying GPO’s, such as time it takes to apply and if you want to deploy this policy to machines or users.
  • I recommend Create an OU named _MS_ Application_ Virtualization to assign policies only to that OU and no affect the whole users of your AD.

1. Assign App-V Client Configuration via Group Policy

a. Install MDOPADMXTemplate.msi, you could found at Microsoft site
b.  If you want to use ADMX you should have Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
c.  Import the MDOPADMXTemplate.msi in Group Policy Access.
d.  Now go to Group Policy Management on the Root domain controller.
e. Expand you Active Directory hierarchy, and Search your  OU _MS Application_Virtualization or as you named before. 
f.  Create a New Policy Linked to _MS_Application_Virtualization OU
g. I recommend you to use a clear name for that policy as  “AppvClient Configuration” click OK, then Edit.
h. Where is my App-V  ADMX ?
i. Go to   > Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > App-V > Publishing

i. Click on Publishing Server 1 to assign the configuration as show in the below image.

Then of this step just go to client computers and made an GPUPDATE /force or just restart the machine.

Thanks for watching if you need more info write me an e-mail or comment.

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