How to convert a Package of App-V 4.6 to App-V 5.0 with Power Shell

How to convert a legacy package to App-V 5.0 with Power Shell

Hello everyone there here’s an script for convert the legacy App-V packages on a Sequencer VM

  1. You will need to use Power Shell x32 to make this happen .
  2.  Windows 7 x32  SP1 with Power Shell 3.0 and .NetFramework 4.
  3. On this machine you will need the sequencer application installed to get all Cmdlets of App-V.
  4. I recommend use Power Shell ISE and save the script for future conversions.

Import-Module AppvPkgconverter <enter>
# Imports App-V Module

Get-Command -Module AppvPkgConverter <enter>
# To Get Commands of Appv

Test-LegacyAppvPackage "C:\Packages\APP" <enter>
# Test if the package will work with App-V 5.0
Convertfrom-LegacyAppvPackage "C:\Packages\APP"  "C:\5.0\APP" <enter>
# If the test was great convert the old Virtual App to a App-V 5.0. Don't Forget create the Target Directory
Thanks for watching