GPO Reports of Active Directory via Power Shell to HTML in Windows Server 2012

Open Power Shell as Administrator


      Then write the following PS Script.
You have two ways to make this happend.
  • Option One
Get-GPOReport –ALL
Get-GPOReport –Name “Default Domain Controllers Policy” –ReportType HMTL –Path C:\GPOReports\DDCP.html
Make sure that you have choose the correct name of the GPO, and you have the directory created.
How to create an directory from PS?
Here’s the command
New-Item C:\GPOReports –ItemType Directory
  • Option Two
$gpos = Get-GPO –ALL
Foreach($gpo in $gpos)
$File = “C:\GPOReports” + gpos.displayname + “.html”
Get-GPOReport –Name $gpo.displayname –ReportType HTML –Path $File }

Hope this helps
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