What's Windows Azure ?

What is Windows Azure ?

Windows Azure is a collection of building blocks for cloud  services. Microsoft has been in the cloud business for quite some time with its consumer cloud services like MSN, Xbox Live, and Hotmail.
Microsoft has also announced a suite of cloud-based business productivity and collaboration applications called Microsoft Online services that include applications like SharePoint Online, Exchange Hosted Services, and Conferencing Services.

What is Windows Azure Platform ?

Windows Azure Platform is a PaaS service that is part of the online service offering from Microsoft. Provides a familiar and flexible to develop applications and cloud services with all the advantages that we have analyzed.

With Windows Azure Platform your company can reduce time to market of products and easily adapt as demand for them grows.

Windows Azure is an interoperable platform that enables the development in different languages ​​and communication with any external environment. Moreover, while Visual Studio is the most productive when working with the platform, tools and SDKs available for other systems and environments.

The Windows Azure platform is a set of cloud-based services, which can be used together or independently, allowing:
The developers use their existing skills and familiar tools to develop cloud applications
ISVs and system integrators to quickly enter the market and pay as you enter
IT administrators gain access to a new set of resources without adding complexity
Companies of all sizes respond quickly as business needs change

Here's a preview of the platform

 More information www.windowsazure.com